Escape Room "The Madness of Genius"

Choose a different way for your child to have fun with their friends. Our Mad Genius invites you to an escape room "The Madness of Genius". He will take your children back to the 19th century when he lived and immerse them in the world of art.

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Party center From 1 to 6 hours
2 - 30 Guests
60 Minutes per game
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The Schedule

Welcoming guests, pre-game briefing

Нашият обучен екип ще посрещне децата Ви и ще се погрижи за тяхното преживяване и за инструктажа им.

Games and entertainment IN ESCAPE ROOMS

Escape room is one of the most preferred ways of entertainment for children celebrating birthdays

Treat, games and disco in the party room

A fun game is followed by a delicious meal and singing and dancing for all party participants. Fun is guaranteed!

Animation with professional animators

Professional animators and actors from NATFA will take care of the comfort and entertainment of all the celebrators.

Cake and special congratulations

As every celebration dictates, after a birthday comes a Tor-Ta! The birthday people accept your congratulations.

Photos and personal web page

We are the only escape room in Bulgaria that presents its own mini website to all celebrators with photos from the event.

For your celebration

Request an offer

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On the spot

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Frequently asked questions

Anything unclear?

What does a children's birthday party in an escape room include?

The children's birthday party in the escape room includes booking the room, playing the game, a treat in a specially equipped party room, and entertainment with a professional animator.

How many children can participate in the children's birthday party in the escape room?

The number of children who can participate in the children's birthday party in the escape room is on average from 8 to 28 children. The children split into teams and play in the escape room and have fun in the party area.

How long does the children's birthday party last in the escape room?

A children's birthday party in an escape room usually lasts between 2 and 4 hours on average, depending on the number of children involved. For birthday parties of up to 10 children, the usual time is 2 hours. For a detailed quote, leave a request and we will send you a quote.

What do I need to do to book a children's birthday party in an escape room?

To book a children's birthday party in an escape room you need to call us or send an enquiry. We will prepare an offer with all our proposals, and you will choose and order. All the services are featured in the offer so that you can take a look and decide which ones you would like.

What is the age limit for children who can participate in the game?

Birthday parties are suitable for children from 8 years upwards. Any play with children under 14 has a compulsory second person animator to look after the children inside the playroom.

How long does the game last and how will the children's time and progress be monitored?

The game lasts 60 minutes and children solve puzzles within this one hour.

What exactly does the game involve and will it be interesting and challenging enough for children?

The game is story-driven, broken and extremely interesting for children. Solve mysteries and puzzles, have unexpected fun surprises and situations.

What are the food and drink options during the birthday party in the escape room?

Our escape rooms have a separate party area and a rich menu with the possibility of ordering. It is customary to specify the catering request in advance and it is possible to reorder some of the items during the party. We work with established establishments with guaranteed provenance of food and drink.

What do the children do while waiting for their turn or while the other players are finishing the game?

Usually children play and dance, in the halls we have a variety of board games besides everything. We don't offer Playstations or replacement electronics because we try to take the kids away from their already highly digital lives.

What is the cost for a birthday party in an escape room and what is the policy on cancellations or changing the date and time of the game?

To book a birthday party with us we need to choose a date and time, as well as a number of children. The price for the game in the escape room is per number of participants. If no child comes, you will not be charged for them. Calculations are based on children actually coming. If you need to cancel the birthday party at the last minute, we will ask you to pay for the food ordered.

Are there any special clothing or shoe requirements and what are the escape room rules regarding cell phones and other electronic devices during the game?

There are no set clothing and footwear requirements - of course the more comfortably children are dressed, the more comfortable they will feel during play. We certainly do not tolerate the use of mobile phones.

Do you provide services such as professional entertainers, photographer or gifts for the birthday boy?

Our rooms provide birthday photography. All photographs are a gift for the birthday child, for this purpose each child celebrating a birthday in our escape rooms receives a gift mini website with photographs of their celebration.