Kid's birthday party

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From 1 to 6 hours
2 - 30
Children / Guests
Minutes / Game
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Do you want to celebrate your child's unforgettable birthday? Want to give him unforgettable moments?

Choose a different way for your child to have fun with their friends. Our crazy genius invites you to an escape room, The Madness of Genius. He will take your children to the 19th century when he lived and immerse them in the art world. Each team will have 60 minutes to solve all the tasks that Genius has devised for them. We promise your children a lot of laughter, new emotions and unforgettable memories. Also, if you want to leave a birthday present during his adventure, we could hide it in the room. We, in turn, will be pleasantly surprised by his sweet song. In addition to the game, all small guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a party that can be hired extra. They will have the opportunity to play their favorite board games or to have different games from our animators.

In addition, the dose may change, but we will be able to arrange and check - pizza, popcorn, bites and of course. A complete assortment, such as the terms and terms of the order, can be obtained from our team upon request.

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