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If you haven't played in an escape room before, you are among the few lucky ones who are to feel the adrenaline of this unusual and fantastic way of entertainment. Escape room is a game place, where you are the main character in a film plot. You get into a scenario, together with your friends / colleagues / family and to solve clues together. In "Genius' Insanity" you get into the world of one great mind, who lived in the country of tulips. You will get to know who he was and what mysteries he passed through his life.

Please, bring your good mood, in togetherness with desire to work in team and of course - try to be out of the box. We assure you that the experience in our room will rise up your dopamine level and you will leave our room with a fresh feeling and intellectual boost. In Genius' Insanity children above 7 are allowed, only when accompanied by an adult or an animator, whom we offer /additional fee/. We organise teambuildings and birthday parties, which is a good and money-safe decision to celebrate. If you want to make a surprise in the room, don't hesitate to contact us - we also love adventure.


If you want to surprise your colleagues and offer them a real adventure, you will have an hour to spend well together.


You or your child may celebrate your birthday in Genius' Insanity, as well as to treat yourself in our party zone.

Art workshop

If your child is into art, we can offer you an art workshop. All the pictures are adapted famous paintings, all materials are supplied by us.

What others say?

This was my first escape room game. Unique and unforgettable experience we had. Great puzzles and fun for me and my friends.
T. Hristova
I have never expected that this type of rooms could bring such positive vibes in me. I am truly impressed!
P. Simeonov
I celebrated my daughter's birthday in Genius' Insanity Escape room. We are more than satisfied, the kids still talk for their experience.
M. Teodosieva
Me and my team often play in escape rooms. This is one of my all-time favourite. We had a reeeaaally good time!
L. Krastanova
I celebrated my 50. birthday in Genius' Insanity. Thank you for the warm welcome and the perfect stay with you.
Z. Kalamanova
My son is totally in love with this room. He brings every now and then his friends to play together and surprisingly never gets bored.
Zh. Petkova

Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us.
We are in the very center of Sofiq - 33, Ivan Assen the Second street. If you travel with your car, pay attention there is a Green Parking Zone. You would be charged 1.00 BGN for one hour. You can send a SMS to +359 1303 number to pay your stay. There is an easy access from the Eagles' Bridge, as well as the Romanian Embassy.
Genius's insanity is set to be a fun and pleasure for both grown and kids. You ought to solve some mysterious riddles in under an hour. We guarantee that you and your friends would have great time spent with us.
You are not expected to have any special skills to participate in our game. Just bring your good mood and let us bring you in the world of the Genius.
Our escape room game is suitable for kids at the minimum age of 14 years old. Younger than this age, should play with attendant of their's.
Our escape room game is suitable for kids at the minimum age of 14 years old. Younger than this age, should play with attendant of their's.
If you are running out of time, you would be announced, still we won't interrupt your play, to enjoy the feeling of the our room.
If someone feels sick, we can take him/her out of the room. Luckily, we haven't been in such a situation so far.
Yes, of course. You need a team spirit and compliance. Everybody escapes at a time - sooner or later...
The game is appropriate for 2 to 8 players. It's a little harder for two people, but there are good players who can escape the room.
The booking request should be done through our page at: https://www.questhouse.bg/rezerviray-chas.
Checkout available via bank, PayPal, credit/debit card or cash at our place.
The discounts are applicable only when a promo code is issued or when there is a an organised team-building.
You can change the number of the players. You are not charged for change.
Usually this happens, when we organise team-buildings. You can compete with your partners and friends and we will provide you with your escape times.
The story is generally fun, there are still suspicious moments. We are not a "horror room", but cannot hide there are adrenaline peaks at a time.
Your game is not being recorded. CCTV is being used only for real-time monitoring. After the game has finished, we would snap a photo of your team and send it via email.
The lenght is set to be around 60 minutes. However, it depends on your own what will be the final exit time.
The lenght is set to be around 60 minutes. However, it depends on your own what will be the final exit time.
There are a lot of people, who decided to present a voucher for "Genius' Insanity" room. We can offer a gift-voucher in addition to a personalised message for your beloved ones.