Art workshop

Additional room
From 1 to 6 hours
2 — 30
Minutes / Game

Do you believe that your child is drawing well? There are two types of perceptions: “my child cannot paint” and “my child is a brilliant artist”. We assure you that there is no child or person who cannot paint. That’s why, along with playing in an escape room, we create a sense of art by organizing workshops for children.

Plot drawings are tailored to children’s age differences, with Starry Night and Sunflowers being the most preferred. Children usually paint with acrylics, and the workshop materials are provided by us.

We often combine birthdays with art workshops. While one group plays, the other draws and vice-versa. Art Workshops continue on average between an hour and a half and two hours, and every child leaves with a truly beautiful piece of art.

Artists who teach children are professionals. They work with love, patience and attention to detail.

For more information or questions, contact our team via our email or contact us at +359 878 794 231 .

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